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Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"
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haha Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"
Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"

Botox madness
Lancaster, CA
Tuesday Mar 9
Is it true that President Burr accused people of �stalking� her because they revealed her �undertable� Dust Buster meetings on the internet. Did pres. Burr really state that �stalking� was the only way the �stalker� could discover the meetings because the public did not know about the meeting?

Did Pres. Burr really call the police say that she called the police about the stalking?

Was this at the 2-24-10 AVRCD meeting?

Did Pres. Burr ever consider that maybe the other director�s talk too much.

Rosamond, CA
Tuesday Mar 9

It is extremely hard to miss a TALL slender good looking woman walking with a crowd of men at a well known restaurant. Sounds a little paranoid.

Acton, CA
Friday Mar 12

I know this woman and she stands out in a crowd like a French Model.
You can't miss her, she's not being stalked she's to good looking to be able to hide in a crowd much less than a restaurant.

United States
Wednesday Mar 17

you bet your bippy she is. Did you hear about the last meeting?

Los Angeles, CA
Saturday Mar 20

who is paronoid

Catalina island
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Rosamond, CA
March 27 2010

April 2008 the financial's given out at the meeting stated the AVRCD gave $25,000 to Catalina Conservancy, it was paid or given to the Conservancy (Catalina Conservancy is supported by the Wriggly Foundation and has millions of dollars at its disposal)

None has showed ever up as being repaid or paid on,in the financial reports given out at all meetings for the last 2 years or being given back.
Who cashed the check??
Buurrrppp refuses to allow any conversation or questions on the subject and won't allow inspection of the checks.

A month or two latter there was a check written to Pacific Palisades Conservancy (another very well off Conservancy) for somewhere around about $9,000 and nothing shows in the records passed out at all meetings of any being paid back or who cashed the check.

Now in other posts that Ms. pres has made (2thelosers, idiots etc.) she states that we are snivelers and wieners, HELL yes you are squandering my tax dollars and I don't like it.
25-03-2010 07:56 PM
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more Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"
Pearblossom, CA
Monday Mar 29

One of my friends (God bless her soul) was a board member and she decided to quit and not get reappointed because of the nefarious dealings the new appointees were doing. Reading these posts tells me that they have succeeded in getting their hands in the till.

Lancaster, CA
April 1 2010

Don't you know that they have an annual audit every year? There is no way they could get away with spending $25,000 and not putting it back into the account without the auditors knowing. Maybe you just needed to take another look. Maybe the deposit was put in with another deposit so it got overlooked. Jeez.... don't you think they'd be in jail if an auditor caught something like that? Duh!

Los Angeles, CA
April 1 2010

Each deposit and withdrawl MUST be recorded seperately DUH
their record and book keeping SUCKS!
She has always tried smoke and mirrors!

Los Angeles, CA
April 1 2010

Each deposit and withdrawl MUST be recorded seperately DUH
their record and book keeping SUCKS!
She has always tried smoke and mirrors!

yuck yuck
United States
April 2 2010

yea you sleeze balls refuse to let anybody look at the books, and you (jeez) woun't do anything without permission from your "Aunti"

Acton, CA
April 2 2010

After looking over the foi papers we also noticed that the high payed manager and "contract" director ($28 + hr )was never voted on by the directors board. There was a vote at one meeting and it was turned down. At the next months meeting it was announced that the director was hired. None of the Directors voted on it. What a "NO" vote means yes.

Then it was announced that the managers position was filled, she was hired and nothing shows in the record for a vote to hire this person.

No advertising in the paper, no records at the EDD for a position, no announcement on the door, Brown act, and only one person was looked at and not presented to the board for ratification.

It was stated in the minutes that a "notice was placed on the internet"
Is that the proper way to place a job notice for a "STATE "created agency.

This sounds like nepotism

United States
April 17 2010

$28 an hr. no wonder they refuse to list their salaries in the financial's . Heck I hear one of them is double dipping and is demanding a bonus.

Los Angeles, CA
Monday Apr 19

They had a open house and I think it was great, everybody was real nice and help full, Except the lady behind the counter. Somebody needs to explain courtesy to her. She seem incompetent or new at the job.

United States
Tuesday May 11

boy you an't kidding kido. That hussy was a real snott
02-04-2010 09:42 AM
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Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"
These were missing so I copied them for everybody

Palmdale, CA
Thursday Jun 10

Yea I wasn't to happy with her attitude either

You all suck
Lancaster, CA
Wednesday Jun 16

Yes, it's me.... the office snott... whatever that is! I went out of my way to be especially nice to EVERY customer because I knew you'd all be back on this board chattin' away about it because you don't have a life. Well, I know I was nice to every person and that's all that matters. You all need to get a life!

hmmmm 2
Rosamond, CA
Thursday Jun 17

Wow what a temper!!!!!!!
Sort of proves you are unstable.
You were all right to me but others weren't so lucky.
As far as getting a life I am quite content.
How is your aunt Burr, I hear she got in some deep s_it over Dustbusters.
At the Sierra club meeting it was the top topic of conversation.
Nobody called you ".... the office snott... " in any of the posts, where do you get this, unless you are in reality a "SNOTT".
Hell I don't know you and already I have a negative opinion of you from your rants above.

Lancaster, CA
Friday Jun 25

If you look up 2 posts above mine, there is a post from grandma. It clearly says "that hussy was a real snott". I can see that you didn't read the entire thread. Just stuff that matters to you. That's how things get misconstrued . Ms. Burr is NOT my Aunt. Never met her until I got the job. I don't know where you are all getting that. Just because she sticks up for her staff, doesn't mean she's my Aunt. You call that a RANT? LOL! That was not a rant. I can rant, believe me... but that was not it. You need to come to the office and request documents of anything you deem "shady" and see that we do nothing but our jobs here. I am very confident that you won't find a single problem.

hello Snott
United States
Friday Jun 25

Hey office "SNOTT" where the hell was your "aunt" Burr at the June 23 2010 AVRCD meeting. I heard that even the Shylock wasn't there.(Source: fire dept scuttle butt)

You know for a person who makes as much money as you do , one would think typos and mistakes in meeting minutes and Agenda's would be proof read before being published.(Source: Meeting agenda)

Your protectorate Burr stated at the May Meeting that No money was paid out for the settlement with Preferred Equipment. You lied!!! You paid $7,000 as your part of the deal and you black-mailed the other agencies to pay the rest.(Source: your profit and Loss Statement) and you listed it as "Repair and Maintenance" Talk about juggling the books to hide misappropriation of funds.

Now here's one I was saving.
Your financial's list a contract worker getting anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 a month. According to the IRS code and the CCR's a contract worker is not to use your equipment, NOT give direction to employees, and not have anything to do with the running of an entity and is to be separated from the daily running of the business. If any of these criteria is not met then this is considered an employee and taxes shall be extracted as payroll taxes..
Then why is Debra Gillis Listed as an Executive Director (Source:letter head), does she get 1099ed, Why does she get bonuses. Why does she get paid for holidays. and why according to your Financial's is she double dipping.(Source: various financial statements)

Now my little snott ball I have a question for you. How much time do you spend in the office verses being at home taking care of your kids?
How many times have people gone to the office and you were unavailable? Don't tell us you were running errands because you were not. You were shopping for groceries, doing house chores and still getting paid for work you never did.(Source: Private investigator)

I understand your "Aunty" Burr is in super deep hot water for her antics. Lets hope she gets the hint and bows out gracefully.
Let me assure you this is mild stuff compared to the complaint being prepared, TAKE THE HINT.

P.S> I did and you hair balls stonewalled me. You did not supply any e-mails between burr and other board members, you know what wait for the shoe to drop.

Los Angeles, CA
Friday Jul 2

Holy crap Bat man!!!! You are out for blood whoever you are. I have been following this thread and know a lot about the Po-dunk agency and you must be an insider (I mean in the group) to know all this.
07-07-2010 08:19 AM
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RE: Copied from "Is AVRCD president paranoid?"
United States

Jul 23, 2010

Sounds like sombody has an ax to grind

Lancaster, CA
Sept 1 2010

The post regarding a Private Investigator following Mrs. Gordon is being turned into the police to make sure that this is a licensed investigator and that he is following the laws. The moderator/editor of this board will be contacted to find out who wrote that particular post. If the investigation is illegal, that person, along with the person that wrote the post, will be prosecuted.


Palmdale, CA
September 2 2010

Sounds like a conflict developing. I will place this post on my RSS list.
Oboy Oboy Oboy
02-09-2010 11:44 AM
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